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Agile Geoscience is a small geoscience consulting team in Nova Scotia, Canada. We can help you build anything.

We are interested in lots of things, especially geophysical interpretation, seismic analysis, rock physics, and seismic attributes. We're also into some 'meta' things like knowledge sharing, creative collaboration, open access, and professional excellence, and we're passionate about helping scientists learn to program.

Check out our repos...

  • modelr — a web API for forward seismic models
  • pick this — a web app for social image interpretation
  • agilegeo — our geophysical toolbox: wavelets, reflectivity algos, that sort of thing
  • fuzzylas — a web app for log curve mnemonic lookup
  • IPython Notebooks — tutorials and explorations
  • wiki_bots — some tools for managing and analysing knowledge in wikis

Who we are

Support or contact

You can find us online at http://agilegeoscience.com — we write lots about applied geophysics. You should also check out http://subsurfwiki.org.

If you have issues or questions contact hello@agilegeoscience.com and we’ll help you sort it out.