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Created on May 3, 2012

@author: sean


Return the current plot as a binary blob.

modelr.web.util.modelr_plot(model, colourmap, args)[source]

Calculates reflectivities from the earth model then convolves against a bank of wavelets. Figures of various slices are created based on the args structure.

  • model – The earth model image to use for forward modeling.
  • colourmap – A Dict that maps colour values in the earth model to physical rock properties.
  • args – Structure of parsed arguments.

a png graphic of the forward model results.

modelr.web.util.wiggle(data, dt=1, line_colour='black', fill_colour='blue', opacity=0.5, skipt=0, gain=1, lwidth=0.5, xax=1)[source]

Make a wiggle trace and plots it on the current figure.

  • data – as a 2D array indexed as [samples, traces]
  • dt – sample interval of the data [seconds].
  • skipt – number of traces to skip
  • gain – scaling factor for the traces
  • lwidth – width of line
  • xax – scaler of axis to match image plot

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